We know the corporate objective is to save money.  By hiring a professional in any capacity you will save money.  Many think, “well, we just use internal employees,” when in fact it is costing more both in hard and soft dollars, why?


We attend many industry events, seminars and conferences with other  professional planners in the know to stay on top of what is new/trending, but it also creates relationships. Our relationships are important as we will work with this network for many years on many programs and this makes it much easier to negotiate on yoru behalf. This equates to saved time and $$.  In the end it’s a cost savings to you!


A professional planner will know the power of negotiation!  We can negotiate complimentary services, reduced rates on rooms, upgrades, or perhaps lower rates or free use of meeting rooms, Wi-Fi and those little items that add up on your final billing, we are aware and go into negotiation on your behalf.  What is important to you, what is not, important to understand before we enter into negotiation with our suppliers.  


Countless hours will be spent by your employees, sourcing and trying to figure out how best to produce this event, meeting or conference when this is not their core competencies.  You wouldn’t have a marketing manager do your year-end taxes, why would they have the contacts, negotiating skills, project management skills or program execution skills to manage your event, meeting or conference.